How to add a new store location?

How to add a new store location?

The locations shown on your store locator are taken from the entries in your Google Sheet. Each row in the Google sheet is a location.

To add a new store location, access your LocateStore Dashboard. Click on Stores > Open Locator Sheet.

Click 'Open Locator Sheet'

Add a New Row

Add the store details in a new row. You can add a Store name, Address and other details.

Sheet Columns

Every column in your Google Sheet refers to a piece of store information that you can add. Here are all the columns that are available:

Column Name


Store Name

Name of your store


Address of your store


Region of the country where your store is located


Country of operation


Phone number of your store


Email address of your store


Link to your store's website

Business Hours

Time of day when your store is open


Category or genre your store belongs to


This will automatically be generated when you enter all your store details and update your Store Locator

Automatic Update

Once you've added all the necessary information, you will see that the co-ordinates are auto-generated. Also the Name row will change to green color when the co-ordinate generation is a success.

If it turns red, it means that co-ordinates were not generated for that store. This could be due to lack of enough address information. Any changes you make to the store information in the future will be automatically updated in your store locator instantly. Co-ordinates will also be regenerated if there is a change in the address information.

Check Your Store Locator

Once you added the information into Google Sheet, open your store locator, and see if a new location pin has been added to the map.

Click '59 Bugsby's Way, Greenwich, London, SE10 0QJ, United Kingdom'

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